Liu Peng

Mr. Liu Peng was born in March 1963. He graduated from the Department of Industrial Economics of Renmin University of China, holds a master's degree and is a senior economist. He is currently the deputy Director-General of the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association, and the deputy Secretary-General of the CEC Work Committee for Protecting Rights of Enterprises, Secretary-General of the Global Compact China Network.

He has been engaged in the research of theory and practice in industrial economy and business management, as well as labor relations issues for many years, especially on modern enterprise systems, corporate governance structures, incentives for business operators, management innovation and management practices, labor relations, social responsibility, etc. He has published dozens of articles in "People's Daily", "China Reform News", "China Economic Herald", "China Enterprise News", "Management in China and Foreign Countries" , "Enterprise Management", "China Industrial Economy", "Economic Guide", and "Enterprise Research References" and other newspapers and magazines. He has led or participated in the writing of the "Modern Enterprise System", "China Enterprise Development Report", "Cases and Their Analysis on State-owned Large and Medium-sized Enterprises Establishing a Modern Enterprise System and Strengthening the Basic Management Norms", "Employer Organizations in China", "Labor Relations Operation Guide and Case Analysis for Enterprises”, "Report on Labor Relations of Chinese Enterprises", "China Corporate Social Responsibility Development Report", "Practice Manual of Labor Contract Law for Human Resources Manager", "Workplace HIV Prevention", "Corporate Social Responsibility", "Corporate Gender Mainstreaming" and other books. He has also conducted management consulting for many companies.