Duty of Care Summit

The 2023 Duty of Care Summit will take place alongside the Duty of Care Awards. Now in its fifth year, the Summit brings together industry-leading experts for discussion, debate and practical case studies on protecting a global workforce. 


Due to the impact of COVID-19, civil unrest, as well as environmental and economic pressures  on global organisations, this year’s theme encompasses the focus on resilience and change in light of robust and challenging circumstances – Leading Change for a Re-Imagined Future.

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Learn more about our previous Duty of Care Summit

On 21 and 22 September 2021, the Summit brought together 38 industry-leading experts for discussion, debate, practical case studies and valuable networking on protecting global workforces, mitigating risks and fortifying business resilience.


Due to the drastic shift COVID-19 has created for global organisations, last year's event theme encompassed the focus on resilience in light of robust and challenging circumstances - Empowering the Future of Workforce Resilience: Redefining Duty of Care in a COVID-19 World.


The interactive virtual programme featured topics such as: Mental Health, Return to Travel, Crisis Management, the Role of the Chief Health Officer, COVID-19 Legal Challenges, and more. 

Preview of one of our engaging panel sessions featuring Chubb, CWT and Alcon entitled, Safe Return to Travel Considerations.