2019 summit sessions

How Technology Can Enhance Your Global Wellbeing Programme

virgin pulse 

John Garrido, Executive Director, Asia


Creating a robust wellbeing programme can significantly improve productivity, absenteeism, and your reputation. Technology leaders at Virgin Pulse will take you behind-the-scenes of organisations who have managed to utilize technology to drive positive outcomes for their people and their business.

Integrating Wellbeing into Your Organisations’ Sustainable Development Strategy

GE renewable energy

Dr Jean Wu, Medical Director, China/ASEAN

In order to transform into a fully sustainable business, organisations must first look to their most valuable asset; their people. Dr Jean Wu, Medical Director at GE Renewable Energy China/ASEAN reveals how to integrate a holistic approach to wellbeing into your sustainable development strategy and add value to your organisation.

Prevention & Rapid Response

project everest

Jimmy Bayssari, Co-Founder & Director


Growth in university mobility departments and governments deploying students on short-term overseas programmes highlights the necessity for organisations to inherently practice prevention and risk management. Jimmy Bayssari, Head of Training & Country at Project Everest Ventures, will share their strategy to put prevention and risk mitigation at the heart of their company culture.

Digital Breadcrumbs: The Heightened Cyber Risks of Your Mobile Workforce


Marc Burrows, Head of Global Mobility Services


Wifi hotspots, digital purchases, social media posts. There are hundreds of digital data crumbs left behind by business travellers that increasingly create security risks at home and abroad as well as compliance exposures in the destination country. Authorities are using this information to identify non-compliance with employment conditions, tax, immigration and laws governing social behaviour. Enforcement activities, penalties and sanctions for infringements have become more aggressive in many markets. Criminals are also using traveller’s digital information to plan more calculated attacks. Being aware of where risks are concentrated, and the digital breadcrumbs that lead to them, is key to effective risk management and delivering on your duty of care in a sustainable way. 

Safe and Sound - Hotel Security Standards Necessary to Ensure Business Continuity

abb logo 

Staffan Jansson, Head of Crisis Management and Security APAC Region


Heightened incidents taking place in hotels around the world has highlighted the necessity for organisations to implement plans to mitigate accommodation related risks. Staffan Jansson, ABB Head of Crisis Management and Security APAC Region, will share best practices in ensuring your travellers stay protected while ensuring business continuity.

Our Future Workforce - The Myths and Realities of Millennials

ipsos logo

Xiaoran Wu, Ph.D. Executive Director, Head of CKR


As a generational cohort, their outlook on life and preferences have been characterised by the emergence and growth of the internet, along with rapidly changing social attitudes. Ipsos will reveal the research trends and realities that organisations need to consider in order to support what will be our future workforce. 

How Business Travel Impacts Mental Health

International SOS Logo 

Dr Jo Holdaway, Medical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist  


An increasing amount of organisations are realising that the mental wellbeing of their employees is a critical element of business success. But what is the best strategy to tackle this? Join psychiatrist, Dr Jo Holdaway, as they review the factors impacting the mental health of your business travellers and how to develop a programme to mitigate these risks.

Preview of new iso standard: iso 31030 - Travel risk management


Kevin Myers, Convenor


A unique preview into this ISO Standard being developed on Travel Risk Management. The ISO Working Group Convenor, Kevin Myers, will outline firsthand the principles and processes underpinning the draft standard, giving organisations an exclusive look into how to proactively manage travel related risks for workers and others covered by their Duty of Care obligations.

Road Safety: The Major Cause of Medical Evacuations for Business Travellers

grsp logo

David Cliff, CEO


Every year, road crashes kill over 1.35 million people, which equates to over 3,700 deaths every single day. Additionally, an estimated 37,000 people are seriously injured in preventable road crashes per day. David Cliff, CEO of the Global Road Safety Partnership will reignite the focus that is desperately needed for organisations to reduce road related deaths and injuries, a major risk to their mobile workforce.

Mitigating Human Capital Risks and Occupational Health Challenges in China

Ellen Zhang, Expert Service Manager, Head of China Office


China, an engine of economic growth, saw a 6.9% increase in GDP in 2017 and now has a workforce of around 776 million people. This momentum has created a shift in the regulatory structure on occupational health and compliance for all organisations operating in the country. Regulatory compliance experts at Enhesa review the main challenges, requirements and how best to navigate the legal framework.