2017 Duty of Care Summit Sessions 

We are very pleased to announce the following sessions at the Duty of Care Summit 2017.
Barrie Walgreens

Understanding and Evaluating the Safety and Security of Hotels 

Selecting a safe and suitable hotel for your travellers is a crucial consideration to make when developing a travel policy. Without knowing the risk factors, your travellers could face health risks and security incidents. In this session, CWT and International SOS will break down how to implement the right traveller safety and security programme when selecting hotels.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Julian Walker, Head of External Communications & PR


Business Traveller Risk: Travelling in the Right Direction? 

As business travellers come into sharper focus from immigration and tax authorities across the globe, KPMG are working with companies operating across jurisdictions to manage their risk and mitigate unwanted exposures whilst maintaining business as usual. In this session, KPMG will discuss the steps to compliance in the context of today's business traveller. You can look forward to practical insights and industry leading strategies for ensuring the monitoring and compliance of your mobile workforce along with tips for addressing the common concerns raised by impacted employees.

Marc Burrows, Head of Global Mobility Services


SAP Case Study: The Practical Steps in Developing a Travel Safety & Security Awareness Campaign. 

As part of an organisation’s global security plan, providing preventive education and awareness on how to get assistance on trips abroad is vital in ensuring Duty of Care. SAP shares the effective methods of communication they implemented to demonstrate the availability of travel safety & security resources with its workforce.

Mathias Braje, Head of Corporate Continuity


Dow Chemical Case Study: Uniting your Organisation to Support a Resilient Care Initiative.

While facing a major joint venture between The Dow Chemical Company and Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), the key stakeholders from Human Resources, Health Services and Safety/Security joined in a strategic committee solely aimed to protect the 1,500 Dow employees and family members being relocated. Find out what steps the committee took to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees while faced with sever locational based challenges.

Dow Chemical
Dr Ashish Mishra, Health Director - Middle East, Africa, Southern Europe and India

Tjeerd Hendel Blackford Enhesa

Navigating the Global Occupational Health & Safety Regulatory Challenge.

With legal and policy developments in occupational health and safety constantly changing, organisations are consistently challenged to comply with the complexities of domestic, cross border and international regulations. With the expertise of multinational regulatory monitoring, Enhesa will demonstrate how to identify and adhere to the relevant OHS jurisdictions and maintain compliance in your organisation.

Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Head of Thought Leadership

Thomson Reuters Daniel

Thomson Reuters Case Study: Utilising Innovation to Protect your People and your Assets.

With the immense volume of information about travel and security incidents available to Thomson Reuters, determining the events which potentially affect its people or assets is a challenge. This need fuelled an internal project to create a web-based Intelligence Management System. Analysing current and past events, the system enables staff to process 300% more information than before. Thomson Reuters can analyse trends and determine risk mitigation strategies for offices, events, and projects. Learn more about the approach they took and the steps they followed to achieve realised benefits.

Thomson Reuters
Daniel Salomonsson, Director, Risk & Compliance, EMEA & APAC

Control Risks Nick

Organisational Preparedness in the Era of Trans-National Terrorist Threats. 

The success of an organisation is intrinsically linked to its ability to identify and successfully manage risks to one of its biggest assets, the mobile workforce. Control Risks reveals the critical ways organisations can be better prepared for an array of potential terrorist threats. 

Control Risks
Nick Allan, CEO, Africa & Europe


WPO Marry Ellen

Emotional Support, the Missing Link in Mobility.

Whether an international assignment is short term or longer term, it is viewed as an exceptional opportunity for career advancement as well as enriching personal life experiences.  At the same time, the experience can trigger unexpected emotional reactions that threaten the overall success of the assignment.  This session will identify common experiences and propose strategies to proactively address emotional challenges using multiple modalities including tech tools and the human touch. With the addition of emotional support as a core component of an assignment the success rate increases and both the business and the individual win.

Workplace Options (WPO)
Mary Ellen Gornick, SVP Global Products

Everbridge Nick

Eight Best Practice Tips for Crisis Communications. 

Accounting for your people, communicating safety instructions effectively, and discovering if your people need assistance, are all imperative actions during a crisis. Everbridge shares the eight important steps in devising a responsive communication to ensure your mobile workforce is protected. 

Nick Hawkins, MD, EMEA



Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez Intl'SOS

Five Must-Know Steps in Building your Workplace Wellbeing Journey.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the world’s number one killer. Health programmes that target these risks, e.g. unhealthy diets, can play an instrumental role for organisations that wish to reduce the impact of NCDs. By changing the working environment, culture and policies, organisations can help employees reach their maximum potential. Dr Rodrigo Rodriquez-Fernandez reveals the five steps organisations can take to mitigate NCD risk factors within the workplace. 

International SOS
Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez, Medical Director

GSI Kathy Seabrook

Connecting the Dots Between Corporate Social Responsibility, OHS and Business Resiliency.

Aligning your business to support a growing mobile workforce can be challenging. Proactively keeping your business running smoothly in the face of risk can be even more daunting. Connecting the dots between protecting your people whilst maintaining resiliency in your business when encountering risk is what Kathy Seabrook from Global Solutions Inc. will explain in this interactive session. 

Global Solutions Inc.
Kathy Seabrook, President


Developing a Disability-Inclusive Travel Risk Management Plan.

Worldwide, one in seven people have a disability. As a traveller with a disability, the specific threats and vulnerabilities they face need to be considered when developing a travel risk management plan. In this session, CBM – a leading disability and development organisation - will discuss the key elements of disability-inclusive health, safety and security management. 

CBM International
Tom van Herwijnen, Health, Safety & Security Manager